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About Us

Hi Friends, I am so grateful for each and every one of you for supporting BCE as it grows into an equestrian powerhouse! Some of you know me, but for those of you who don't let me introduce myself. Hi, I'm Lauren and I dreamt up Blossom Creek the winter of 2021. While my interest in horses started much earlier, I started riding at 5. I've only found myself to have fallen further into horses ever since. In my younger years I was riding and training at least 3 days a week doing my best to convince my dad to buy me my first horse. I was successful in 2005!! His name was Cedric a 17'3H Clydesdale who was greener, than grass. Years of almost daily training and we became the best of friends until he passed suddenly from colic in 2019 just months before moving into our first home where we made sure the boys could come live with us.  Leaving me and his best Clydesdale friend 18.1H Starr behind with a new empty stall... we tried for a few years to fill the void but it didn't come easily. No one can replace the big guy,  Ceddie. We borrowed horses to keep star company after the move & even took in a grey shire x tb Bentley, but it just wasn't a good fit. 

However, as I'm sure most of you have seen now a young Shire has crossed my path. Oliver !! He's been with us two years now, and has been one of the driving factors in developing BCE! Olive came to us as a 2 year old, and has grown into such a nice young man.  I never had many "riding clothes" even as a young rider I only had one pair or breeches. I frequently rode in jeans and tank tops. I had one outfit for showing, haha! Fast forward to 2021 Olive is starting under saddle and I started to question, why, why can't I walk into a tack store and find anything I like, anything that lasts. Why does everything always look the same and who makes these patterns!?

I have had enough, BCE was born. Our little home farm Blossom Creek Farms launched its first ever equestrian apparel line! It was amazing, why were tables of executives dictating what the customer wants, or needs? I know first hand personally designing and testing my products with the greatest fabrics available what my equestrian community is longing for. I can ride through courses or stay safely planted through a spook, or bucking fit. The first released Bella Breech has a full seat sticky enough to keep you safe and secure, while still allowing all of the freedoms you desire in the saddle. The best of both worlds, and quickly becoming every barns favorite! The Mila base layer, has an amazing amount of sun protection while balancing between a base layer and a sun shirt! Some companies give you 30UPF if at all, our Mila boasts 50 UPF ride all day knowing you're protected without adding chemical filled sun block every few hours. We are here for you, Lauren is here for you! We are always questioning how we can make each and every product better and better, and plan to improve every piece of apparel or equipment you use and need. We  love to hear your feedback. Thanks for joining BCE on this amazing journey, we're so glad to have you as part of the family.